He hasn't replied to my text, why?

I was seeing this guy for some time, we seemed to have been serious about each other, very much enjoyed each others company and always appeared to be really happy and jokeative around me, he showed me obvious signs of being interested long term but he never spoke of feelings so I assumed it wasn't going to go anywhere. I have a bf now, and the guy I was seeing asked if we could remain friends but hasn't replied to my last text which was days ago. Why?


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  • He just said he wanted to remain friends so that it wouldn't be awkward, now that u have a bf. He is obviously not cool with the idea and he seems to have liked you which is why he is trying to avoid you. He doesn't actually meant it for u to remain friends since its not that easy cuz you guys had sth and he liked u. He just said it so you'd think he's ok with it all.

    • Oh so you think he's ignoring me out of him being hurt? Thank you.

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    • So do you think he is planning on actually never talking to me again as you mentioned he just said that to make it look like he isn't phased. This really hurts, as we were obviously close as friends.

    • Well, it looks like it but then again, i might be wrong.
      Maybe there was sth going on and he couldnt reply then. Text him again and try talking to him, just to be sure about how he behaves towards u.

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  • Probably because you are now taken and he doesn't want to come inbetween this

  • Guys drop girls all the time. There ever is a real reason... it's just what they do.


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