How can I get in touch if he blocked me? I already said that I wanted to stay in touch but he said it was unforgiveable what I said. try again?

we liked each other a lot and we talked for 4 months and everything was perfect but there were some fights because of my insecurities. But then when I went to see him, he left me for anohter girl because I was giving him cold because of something he said. After that, we talked a bit, he returned to his city and we didn't talk that much as we used to when he got back, I got pissed because he told me we would talked about what happened when we saw each other but when I asked him he said he never said that. I sent him a message that I missed him and no answer, so the next day I closed my account to trying to keep my distance better, he got angered because of that and blocked me and unblocked me saying that I shouldn't be pushing him away and then pulling him back, I tried to cheer him up with some jokes but no answer. WE fought, and when everything was supposed to be calm he told me he has a new gf. I got really upset, because he always told me that I would be the perfect gf, before I went crazy, but because of the distance it wouldn't work. I yelled at him that he was playing me, that I regret everything, and I told him to die, but I get the angered take me. He got really angre because I told him to die. he said that I was the worst friend, **** off, that he doesn't want anything to do with me, any interest, that everything was really over and that I burnt the llast bridge with him. I was reallly upset because I always support him, even though we fought, I cared for him, and he said **** you, that I ruin his night, etc, so he blocked me, then unblocked me to say that I can't control his life, and I said that I wasn't doing that, at least not on purpose, that I wanted to remain in touch but all he said was **** you.


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  • Honestly I went through the same shit with my ex. I cared for the chick a lot did everything I could to make her happy but it wasn't enough. what I've learned from that pass relationship was when people u wana be with say they care about u or like u but keep u at a distance &treat u bad for what ever twisted reason they do they will play childish games verbally or physically abuse u And as much as it will suck to come to reality with what's going on u have to see that that person doesn't care about u and only looks and talks to u wen they want something from u.(booty)๐Ÿ˜ง

    The last thing I gota say about this topic to u and from my personal experiences is that we both 23 and still young there no need to get caught up on someone that will never learn to love and respect u like u deserve to be. once u see that Ull forget all about that lame mother**cker that didn't value the lovely beautiful young woman u are!๐Ÿ˜‰
    hope this helps, and keep ur head up๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰โ˜บ

    • although here I don't know who was the one to blame, I went like this because I felt he didn't care, thanks, I'll move on

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    • Smh. listen ok.
      what ur dealing with is high school drama bullshit! Excuse tha language but I personally hate wen people play games and can't make up their own mind... it's childish and a waste of time, jus do urself a favor and get a real man that doesint enjoy drama it might help with ur stress levels.

    • thabk u! and don't worry! all of my friends been telling me how immature is him! and that I'm falling in his drama crear ong more drama. altough I was inmature by saying al that too. but thank u, I'll just find a real man.

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  • ""there were some fights because of my insecurities
    I was giving him cold because of something he said
    I got pissed
    so the next day I closed my account to trying to keep my distance better
    WE fought
    I got really upset
    I yelled at him that he was playing me, that I regret everything, and I told him to die
    I was reallly upset
    I wanted to remain in touch but all he said was fawk you.""

    You know what, read the lines I quoted and you'll understand exactly why he did what he did. Fix your anger issues, THEN establish relations.

    • Yes, you managed to reach a point after which he honestly doesn't want to do anything with you ever again. Congrats.

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    • he is one. and couples fights. Not all of them were my fault. I once gave him an advice and he took it wrongly so we fought. both of us hurt easily, I guess that was the problem. I apologized and told him that I wasn't bringing any good to his life now. And he just start insult ing me that I should be so grateful to him because of what he has done for me and fuck you. he only made me insecure, because I knew he was constantly trying to date other girls. I even know he isn't perfect, that he was only rude with me even when I was only kind to him, even when I tried to make something nice for him, don't know why I can't let go yet.

    • all my friends hate him, they said he did whatever he wanted with me.

  • What? Is there a Reader's Digest version for all this drama?


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  • I'm guessing you went too far. If a guy said that to me it would be a long time before I communicated with him again and a high chance there would never be a future for us. Let it be a good lesson and move on in my opinion.

  • You told him to die. That's the meanest thing someone can say.

    • I didn't mean It. I spoke from an place of anger. One day he was giving me hope saying that I was still in his heart that he can't forget me and si on, and the other day he is telling that he has a gf and their รญntima y and stuff. and I've talked with guys friends and It exist much more worser insults. so sensitive.

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    • I can, he didn't care.

    • I'm guessing he never really cared. thanks

  • The guys an arse!

    • Did you even read what she said to him and how often she got into a fight with him? No wonder he left.

    • I think it was a completely lack of respect, I took a lot from him, so it is fine to go visit someone then to be ditch for someone else. Forgive that, then know that the guy u've been dating has a gf now, after he gave u hope that he was going to fix it, that i was still in his heart and even told me about his sexual life with her! like if I would care about it!

  • To me it sounds like that really was the last bridge i think you should try and move on from him and see this as a good lesson you can learn from having said that though i would of thought if he was seriously about it being the last bridge and he doesn't want anything to do with you then why does he block you then unblock you to say something else? To me that screams that he still wants a reaction from you otherwise he would just keep you blocked surely?

    • I thought that too, so I answered him. He said that I'm the one who wants a reaction, and he got so rude because I answered him, and he blocked me again. I wanted only to keep a happy note, not like this.

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