Dreamed about my ex 2 days in a row, what can it possibly mean?

Okay so me & my ex have been separated for a little over 2 years and he was my first love and I still love him but he is with someone else now :(. but recently i've been having dreams about the 2 of us and the first time, i was in his room and we were going to start getting intimated and began talking but the dream was over because I woke up, now the second time we were in the same place and went a little further this time and he was like he understand and we began talking and talking about our feelings toward each other.. now I don't know if these are signs or what, but I do miss him, and love him dearly, & would do anything to get back with him.. so what could my dreams possibly mean?


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  • Subconsciously, you have not gotten over your 'First love,' MissNickie_, and it with the dreams, it seems, you never found closure that has helped to close a door to your past, your heart and Now, out of the blue-----Recently I've been having dreams about the 2 of us...
    I have had things like this go on in my own life, in my own head, and sometimes these are 'Signs' of the times that somehow they contact you, they might run Into You, and even if it means Nothing, it is just dreams that materialize from nowhere.
    For example, I will give you a Sample of what happened to me at Christmas time last month. A guy I had been with a year ago, came out of the wood work to wish me a "Merry Christmas." I had been Just thinking of him the week before this, wondering what I would do if did happen to text me a holiday greeting and if I would end up blocking him. My 'Dream' came true, for the minute I got his message, he Got Mine----So blocked and... even wished him a Happy New Year, dear.
    It's a new year and with knowing he has moved on, hopefully you can too. It's never easy getting over a 'First love,' I can relate to this. It took me seven years to get over One when I was a teen. However, my closure finally came when we both were able to get together before he got married... I realized then that I no longer felt the same way and that we both had grown apart as we grew up.
    Good luck and blessings for 2015. xx
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to shed some light on this subject and... hoping someday someone special out there will make all your dreams come true.:)) xxoo

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  • I know this isn't going to be easy to hear, but you have to let go. He's moved on and dreams are just that - manifestations of things going on in our minds. I wouldn't base your decisions to pursue him from a dream.

    You miss him and the thought of him with another probably isn't easy either, but you have to make the choice today to not be a captive of those feelings. Looking for signs in your life already shows the hold it has over you!

    Take back your own power and move on. You'll be happier in the long run. Someday you'll be dreaming of someone new.

    You can do it :)!

  • Means nothing, you dreamed about him because you still love him. What happened in the dreams is irrelevant.


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  • Maybe it just means you want to tell him how you feel


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