How to forget ex after a failed marriage n few days wit someone?

I'm married n separated n 4days due to past affair... parents forced tis marriage n dint accept my bf.. husband filed divorce now... I can't forget my bf... he dint ask me n marriage til my marriage been fixed... ours s a 8yrs relation... I lost him due to his coward nature... not even a. day I was without his thoughts... he said he ll try to talk to his parents n marry me as he loves me still... I trusted his words n consented for divorce wit my husband... but I came to knew tat my bf dint have courage to talk to his parents n ready to marry a gal now... he said he ll love me te same always... I can't bear him marrying someone wen my life been spoiled as he failed to do anything at te right time... my parents did emotional blackmail n made me marry... now I'm so depressed without able to hate him r forget him... n tried to lose my life several times... feel so bad n hopeless... Don know what shud I do now...


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  • You should start a journal.

    • Sry... wat?

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    • Er, nothing. Just prepare to head to counseling.

    • Yup... thanks

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