Is my ex is being a jerk through texts?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me about two months ago. A few weeks later, came back begging for a second chance to try and make things work. 2 weeks ago he broke up with me again because he's not ready to be in a relationship. I was in NC for the past two weeks and plan to stay NC for at least a month. Last night out of the blue he sent me a text saying "Hope you don't think about me because I think about dudes and their freedom and nothing else." Is he being a jerk? Why would he say something like that after a break up? To get me riled up?
Should mention that I told him I don't want to talk to him or be friends with him after our break up.
Also feels like he's rubbing salt in a wound :(


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  • He's just being a baby & is upset at the thought that maybe you aren't thinking of him or moved on. He wants a reaction from you to satisfy his ego. Don't give it to him, be the bigger person & ignore him.


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  • What exactly is your intention by acting on NC? Because it should be to get your healing process in action. No contact is supposed to be the driving force for getting an undeserving, troublesome, hurtful presence off of your radar. You’re doing a disservice to yourself if you apply NC in any other way.

    This guy sounds like an unclear, heartwrenching jerk who is going to puncture your happiness, hurt your self-esteem, and mess up your ability to know peace because he can’t get his sh*t together and make up his damn mind. Seriously, that is so effed up for him to give you another chance only to pull the same BS again and make you go through that all over again. Forget about what he feels or why he made have sent that worthless little text. He’s an azz and he does not have your best interest so let him go. Completely ignore him, delete and block him from everywhere, and get it in your head that he is dead to you. It’s the only way to heal now. Stop letting him play games and toy with your emotions. If he wants to rub salt in your wounds then all he’s doing is cementing your disdain for him which he will surely regret later. At this point, all you can do is gather your pride and self-respect and kick him the f*ck out of your life. Don’t even give him the time of day. Show him with your actions that you two are done which means he can’t just pop up in your life and start convos anymore.

    • Thank you for taking your time to write this! Everything you've said about him is spot on. I've been dealing with his stuff on and off for 10 months! Can you imagine the state I'm in? I started NC because I need to move on with my life and I thought he would respect my decision when I said I don't want to talk to him or be in touch after the break up. I've deleted him from everything already so I guess I just need to block his number to be done with him for good. Thank you thank you thank you for this post!

    • I imagine you are devastated and that your self-esteem has taken quite a bit punctures. Do yourself a favor and deal with that in privacy. Do not openly show him the results of his unclear, immature mess. Deal with it behind closed doors with a bowl of ice-cream, girl talk, poetry, dance or whatever it is that can help you release these toxic, hurtful feelings in a healthy way. To him, exude confidence and strength: never let him see you sweat. He’s not even worth an explanation that he has completely revoked his presence on your timeline. Lets just be real: HE SCREWED YOU OVER. For that, he does not deserve anything from you at all. I am so proud of you for being able to take these steps. They’re not easy, but they are necessary for you to live life as a healthy, happy, peaceful woman. He’s gotta go and he’s gotta stay gone.

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  • Probably. Just ignore him and move on.


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