I don't know how I feel about him, should I stay or go?

At the moment I'm seeing this guy and we're almost a week in, we said we'd take it slow but after 3 days everything moved so fast because he said he felt really strongly towards me. I don't know how I feel about him to be honest. We were out with friends the other night and he had too much to drink and said to me 'I love you' I said it back but a while later he started getting too close to another girl in the bar. I was upset but not extremely heartbroken so I don't know what that means. In one way I really like him but I don't feel a huge spark towards him. I like spending time with him and feel happy around him but after the other night I feel like I don like him as much as I thought I did.

When he was sober we were talking about what happened at the bar, because it led to a huge fight when it happened he kept asking if we were ok and how he didn't want to lose me, I just ended up telling him what he wanted to hear by saying I know I still want to be with him. I'm not even upset about what happened at the bar anymore, just confused how I feel about him. Any advice?


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