Ex girlfriend gone for good?

We met in collage and talked for a few months and dated for a few months. I fell madly in love with her, because she was my first love and i figured she felt the same. I treated like a textbook princess and made her smile and happy whenever I could. She had never dated a guy like me and loved every second, however she started taking everything I did for granted and showed less and less appreciation. Towards the end of the honeymoon phase I guess she started saying she was confused and not sure she felt the same about me... Over winter vacation from each other, she blew hot and cold. Sometimes acting completely not sure others times couldn't wait to be in my arms. I waited for her and she happened to go on a date with a kid she liked for a while before I came along, dumped me that same day says she doesn't feel a spark, lost romantic feelings blah blah blah... and that she likes somebody else and wants to be single. I know I spoiled the crap outta her and did way to much for her, never really made her chase me. And honestly she has the most bitchy personality, completely just gave me the cold shoulder and told me to get lost pretty much. I was so good to this girl and I know this kid won't even compare, however is this just a young (early twenties) immaturity on her part? I have been in no contact for two weeks and I wonder if shell ever come back to me, or is it a complete lost cause. I'm trying to move on and talk to other girls but its just feels different. I knows she's going out with her single friends but will she eventually come to terms with missing me or am I just dreaming?
Haha maturity... she is deff still immature, I guess we'll see what happens. Hopefully she gets her head out of her Ass if not then I have to come to terms with the fact that maybe she just doesn't want to be with me! Well see I'll update lol


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  • i've done this to my (now) boyfriend 2 years ago. I felt like a princess and took him for granted. I was abitch and pretty much made him leave me. I didn't care in the beginning. After 2 months i regret everything i did so i texted him that i really miss him and that i was really sorry. He was back with his ex and told me to go further with my life. I couldnt. Every day for 2 years i thought of him and no one could compare to him. 2 years later i ran into him and i got a second chance. It appreciate him a lot now. So to answer your question, yes im very sure she will come back. dont contact her.

    Good luck :)

    • Yea thanks for the advice... I'm still so confused on why she just completely acted like a bitch, right before she was so happy to see me. I guess someone has cought her attention, which sucks cause he literally just pulled such a scumbag move... I only took care of her for months and did everything in the world to make her smile, I realize treatment like that isn't for every girl but I can't really pretend to be an asshole, that's not me lol. I do have a feeling she'll come around one day and I know I'm still in love with her but it's difficult to accept someone back who just gave up on you. Maybe she needs to be single for a while cause she forgot how good I am to her... I'll go out and have fun even though it kills knowing my baby girl has the attention of some prick.

    • Listen, "i realize treatment like that isn't for every girl" isn't true. It is for every girl. But we like to think that every girl treats us like this. Be happy that some douche has er attention now. Makes her realize earlier that she really misses what you gave her, and how you treated her. Really, make yourself busy. Let her see how well you are doing without her. She will come back sooner than you expect.

    • this is how matuirty is born=)

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  • Too long just to ask if your exgirlfriend isn't interested in you. She isn't.


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