I have feelings for someone else.. Please help me?

Alright so I'm gonna post the short version, my boyfriend and I haven't even been together a year and I'm 5 months pregnant, I was stupid and chose not to use protection, I'm constantly working and paying bills while he stays at home with my two year old from a previous relationship, and literally does nothing but lay around and watch TV all day, lately I've been having doubt's about our relationship as it is, and now I'm getting attention at work from someone who I'm pretty interested in, and would be really good for me, he has a job, his own car and a daughter of his own. He is definitely interested in me, pregnant or not. My really big problem is that my current boyfriend gave me something I'll never get rid of. Something I could never bring myself to give to anyone else, so I feel like I'm stuck with him forever. How will I ever be happy again? I made a stupid mistake and trusted someone I didn't know, now that I have an opportunity that could be good for me, I can't even take it... Can anyone give me advice please? I can't talk to anyone else about it, because no one would understand what I'm going through.. Please, if you have negative feedback, keep it to yourself. This is hard enough as it is.


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  • You need an actual counselor.


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  • Sweetheart if you aren't happy don't stay. If you feel sparks with someone else it's okay, these things do happen. He'll still be able to see his kid, and I'm sure you two can be civil about it since you share a child. If it's time to move on then move on.

    If you are going to stay, however. Tell him he needs to help you more, that with balancing being a mother, being pregnant, being the provider and being his lover-- it leaves no time for you to try to relax, unwind and just feel like you aren't constantly going. A relationship should be 50/50. My boyfriend works, so I do housework, cook and balance the rest of our stuff out on the days he works. On the weekends, we spend Saturday doin whatever work and errands left over together and then Sunday's are all about us and relaxing. See if he'll listen to it

    I'm on this sits once or twice a day-- if you need to talk shoot me a message and I'll reply when I see it


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  • Not trying to sound negative, but maybe you need to take some you time. To figure out what you really want for you and your kiddos. Or talk with your boyfriend and see about counseling. Your relationship while new is still fixable, especially with a munchkin on the way. Good luck dear.


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