What do you do when a guy says that he's still in love with you but is not willing to be hurt by you again?

I really want my ex back. This is the second time the we have broken up. He said that he loves me but doesn't want to get involve with me anymore.

I have tried moving on but he contacted me after the two weeks of me not contacting him. we spent one weekend together and it was amazing. We both think that it is what we needed.

I still love him.. very much.. how do i prove to him that i won't hurt him again? and how do i make his change his mind?


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  • He's hurt obviously, I have no clue what happened, but give it time. He contacted you after NC, so he is wishy washy on his words. But maybe time apart will help you grow into a better person, and realize what you had. For him time will make him think If you deserve another chance or not.

    So he has the final answer down the road If he wants to get back together. He's hurt let his feelings come back to normal, and who knows maybe he will hit you up again.

    Let time take its course, thats what Im doing and I will see what happens down the road,

    • Thank you. I really hope that he changes his mind one day.. I guess there's no other choice but to wait and be a better person.

    • How are you holding up? Also how did you hurt him by the way?

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  • You laugh at him and shake his hand.

  • You will hurt him again and you know it. It's better he accepts this.

  • Why put yourself through rhis kind of thing again... you deserve better than that. Everyone does

    • because i'm hurting... and because i know that he's the one that i want to with :(

    • Wow... I'm sorry you feel that way

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  • Go completely no contact. If he's serious he will disappear if, like I suspect, he's not then you have your answer.


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