Is she hurt or a princess?

Just to state, my now ex girlfriend is a tom girl who lives in Pennsylvania. What im about to state is to maybe give a hint of how she is based on how she was raised based on who raised her... Her Isn't the healthiest person and treats his wife badly.. He also has an ego. The mother is kind of controlling, don't know much about her.

The problem: we were together for a year. I treated her like royalty at first, but when I tried talking about problems she didn't say much or show any care. Her family doesn't communicate, they just disrespect eachother and get over it. As a result, I gave up, and starting getting nasty... Which I take 100% accountability for. As a result, she broke up with me without even telling me about how she felt about it.. Ever. She just sits there and says okay.. you know when your not nice but it's hard to know where the boundaries are when you are guessing how she feels you know? So now I know where the boundary is.. So I've been treating her nicely. She said she doesn't know what she wants, but she came over for a date lol. I treated her very well, I woke up very very early to make her breakfast, took her out for dinner at a nice place, took her to a public park to meet these deer that aren't scared of humans, sledding with her, made her a painting, deep cleaned my room... I gave her a massage, took her out to the movies.. Again I paid for all of this... We live in a different time... Both people work. I'm going to school so this is VERY expensive for someone like me. Im 19 years old. I work very little so I can work hard on school. She didn't care at all, but wants to go on a date me.. And gets mad if I don't talk to her... But she doesn't want to try and be something more... I asked a couple people based on the texts and people said she's playing games... Some said she has to choose. What do you think? I treat her very well now, and she's kinda just... not their. people say she's princess's. Am I being used?
And when I did take her out and do all this.. She didn't say much till after... Like
An hour after she left.. And said something very small.. I was like.. Thanks?


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  • She might be hard to express feelings due to the family. Just ask her if she still likes/loves you. Good luck. Sounds like a tough situation.


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