How can I stop texting to my ex?

i need to stop texting him cuz it's driving me crazy


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  • Delete his number from your phone. Give it two or three weeks and it will get easier, I promise. Right now, you're just making yourself look bad. Try to find other things to do with friends, or start a new hobby. Just take some time and focus on yourself.


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  • Simple just start texting me...:D


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  • End the madness this year, dear, by looking for someone else who doesn't put you on his pay no mind list like your "EX" who is most likely Feeling what you may be feeling With-------Driving him crazy as well.
    This can be habit forming, obsessive and a routine rat race that you are putting yourself through and if he hasn't Blocked you, then maybe it is time to----Block him and move on.
    Lick your war wounds and do some serious soul searching. With all of your loving or not so loving messages you are pushing on your own end, it is obvious it isn't getting you anywhere and you will just end up driving yourself to the bottle.
    You are worth more than that... don't let him push you over the edge.
    Good luck. xx


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