Can I have your insights in this break up?

So me and my (ex) girlfriend were in a relationship for 10 months, And she told me she was happy all the time. I took her word for it and tried my vest to keep it going. But then suddenly 3 weeks ago, she asked for NC because she is having a hard time keeping it a secret for her father ( cultural diffrences), eventhough i told her i hated the idea and wanted to just stuck to texts, i agreed and went NC for 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks i called her and after a conversation with her. I asked where we stood. She said that she has a lot of stuff going on in her life. An uncle that is suffering from cancer. Bad grades in school. Her mother forcing her to quit talking to me. Fighting with friends. Wich all lead to her asking for no relationship. I asked her why she could she even say that. But after hearing repeated "you don't understand" i told her that i do and everybody had problems, it's the way you handle them that makes you stronger. So iff this was her way to handle it, so be it. I closed it off with a take care of yourself and be save. And she replied with iloveyou.

After that day was NC and its 1 and a half weeks ago. Blocking me off of instagram but keeping me on Facebook. I'm so pissed off right now because of her and i know i'm in this stage were i want to make her suffer for what she did to me. I feel like she should be hurt as i am but instead it seems like this hurt is 1 sided. Luckly i am smart enough not to act on my anger. But a pillow with her imaginary face on it will suffer my wrath haha. ( by the way i have not, will not, would never hurt anyone unless its self protection)

So please good people of gag, this is not my first relationship so i will move on. But did she really called it quits because of her problems, or is this something else?


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  • could be both. With the problems that she has right now... You could have been her rock but she didn't want that. Don't get mad at her, If you really love her, Just give her what she wants for now.

  • Yes because of her problems.


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