Men, what do you think about this? I contacted my ex after a year of us not talking or seeing each other and this is what he said?

I asked him to tell me the truth about everything because I never really got closure. I told him that I don't think I have feelings for him anymore. I have feelings for who I thought he was and it makes me sad to realize that I believed in this lie for so long that he actually loved me. This is what he said, "Have a good life, (my name). I can't be with you ever again. I really do wish you the best. I have no clue why you have this all or none mentality about our past. I had so much love for you. We both blew it. Me with cheating and you with manipulation. But it has all been a lesson and its time we both move on. If you think talking about it would help you we can do that"
I asked him why he cheated on me because I knew that I pushed him away a lot and was awfully mean to him when he was very sweet to me and did nothing wrong. I said that I figured he cheated because of this reason and then I asked him if he ever thought about me...
He said "I still think about you often you and I shared my longest relationship with you. I proposed to you! We enjoyed beautiful times. I often look back at how we handled situations so well due to what was happening we did pretty good. I don't regret anything."
I noticed how he totally ignored the cheating issue and went straight to my last question about if he thought about me still or not.
I said "What about the cheating part? you didn't say anything about the cheating part.."
He said "Oh yeah that wasn't very nice of me. I kinda swept that under the rug"
I then asked him to be honest with me and not worry about hurting my feelings. He has read my message but has yet to respond..
What do you think?


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  • I think... it's time to say fuck it and move on...


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  • I know this question is for men, but let me just say that you did not push him into cheating. You may have pushed him away or acted in a way that changed his feelings, but it was his action and his decision. He should have manned up and broke it off before he did that. As for why, it's probably an answer you're never going to get, or even if he gave you one, I'm not sure you'd be satisfied. You somehow just have to come to terms with the fact that it happened, and that it was not your fault. Your first message says it all. You're still hurting from this, and you still care about him, otherwise you wouldn't have felt the need to contact him. Closure will not come from him, it has to come from you. Once you find a way to accept what happened and accept the current situation, you'll be alright. His response to you is also says it all. Goodbye and lets move on. My advice (and I'm saying this because I'm in the midst of a break up too, and I have been cheated on in the past) is to stop talking to him and block him from social media. Feel the anger and the pain. Listen to Taylor Swift and cry, or whatever you need to do, but then it's time to leave the past behind.


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