Breaking up with someone without a reason and just cutting them off?

My (now ex) boyfriend of quite a long time broke up with me by cutting me off / blocking me without saying anything. We were basically a perfect couple, but then he went on Uni exchange for 2 months. When he was overseas (had been there for about 6 weeks already) I asked him to message me WHEN he has the time / had internet access as I needed help with some problem I was having with my parents. He ignored my message, inboxed my MUM on Facebook saying that my mum and dad needed to deal with my problems because he can't handle me / my problems anymore, then blocked me and never said another word to me again, even when i asked him if we were over. He didn't even end it, he just cut me off.

What is a possible reason as to why he ended things by cutting me off without saying anything? Not why did he end it, but what's a possible reason that he chose THIS method to end it as opposed to actually ending it with words like a normal human being?

Thanks so much xx


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  • He may have not had the courage to talk things through with you and this was the easy way out for him. Breaking up with someone isn't easy, it's not a nice way to treat someone.


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  • There could be so many reasons but unless he tells you, you will never know. The relationship could have not been so great as you though, he could have been too busy for a relationship, met someone else, realized he's gay, have done something stupid that he didn't/couldn't tell you about, just not want to be in a relationship anymore. If you have tried to message him then just leave it alone now because there is nothing you can do about (I get that it sucks). The longer you spent on this the unhappier you will be.


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