When a guy breaks up with his girl?

So of course being in the category that this is in... yes my guy just broke up with me after 5 months. It wasn't horrible or anything. My question is are break ups just as bad for the guys than it is for girls?

His reason is through dating me he realized that he needed to man up. To grow up And he's gonna go take this time to do that.

I didn't fight it. I told him that I was proud of him Cuz he's going to do what he needs to do to grow. That I'd support his decision and respect it.

So are breakups like this really hard on you guys? How do you handle it. You know you still love her and you want to become that man she needs you to be. Does this make you more motivated


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  • Hmm... Sounds like a steaming pile of... Well, finding the explanation less than believable. If I really cared for someone, I would want to stay with them through the good and bad - issues come up that we have to deal with and you can't always take a time out when that happens.

    ... but we are all different and I suppose there are some things (drug use) that warrant taking time off to deal with. I'm sorry about the breakup (yes, they are really hard for some of us) and hope things work out for you and the right guy.

  • I don't live in hook ups n break ups society... I m against all..


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