Second chances in love, do they really exist or work? Or is it a myth?

Four months ago, we broke up... i was devastated. We lived together (she wanted it badly) , after a couple of months she started doubting but couldn't give me an answer, after a month she started doubting again and called her ex to know if she was happy or not and she said... " i want to continue with you because now i know i'm happy with you".

I was hurt because of her call with her ex, due to her doubts, i fell out of balance so i started doubting too and i couldn't give her all my love ( i blame myself for reacting this way) the way i wanted it to... eventually i broke up with her but it didn't seem to bother her that much.

I'm having it very difficult with this whole situation, i still love her and i know we can make it work but she didn't give us an actual chance to solve it. Of course, break ups are hard, and yes i should move on, even if i want her back, even if she started dating a guy a 3 weeks ago... but that's the thing...

I'm having trouble of letting her go because i'm hoping for a 2nd chance, but i know second chances don't exist, not in love... the thought of not "seeing her beside me again" because of the whole "no 2nd chances in love" that hurts me the most. Knowing you won't get a second chance... Nothing matters what you say, do, ... your ex won't come running back to you, there's nothing you can do... and that sucks. What i would give for that 2nd chance...

Anyone got the same idea? Other experiences or other opinions? :)

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or not?


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  • Honestly, she is not your match!
    The person who suits you will not run to an ex for confirmation when life isn't all sunshine & sweet tea.
    You need to find a way to stop focusing on her & allow yourself to heal without her.

  • I'm in that situation right now... My ex and I just broke up. We were in love for two years. now even if he still loves me he didn't want to take me back anymore because he thinks that i'm still a kid.


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