How do I act around my ex at work?

This girl friendzoned me, and i walked away after communicating that it wasn't what i want and leaving the door open for her to come back in her own time. But we still work together, and we work in close proximity with each other.

What i've been doing is being indifferent to the fact she is there. I don't go out of my way to talk to her, or hold a conversation, but i don't ignore her if she talks to me. I just go about my own thing: helping customers, and working on my own things.

I do feel that i've been a cold fish towards her, which no body deserves, but i don't know how to act towards her when we do work together. I'm working with her this coming Saturday, any advice on how i can act towards her so that i'm not coming across that i'm still interested in her, but also so that i'm not a complete dick either?


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  • I think you're acting perfectly fine! As long as you give her the courtesy and respect you would give any other coworker (your best male coworker friend, for example), then you're good. She rejected you, so she would be the one making overtures. Good luck; this must be hard. Would you look at mine please? Thanks!


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  • Just acknowledge her and be professional at work. That's not being a "dick". You owe her nothing.


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  • Well since she friend zoned you, then just act like her friend. Acting like complete dick will get you no friendship or maybe a possible relationship in the future

    • I refused the friendzone, so we aren't friends, though i left her the option of calling if she changed her mind. I just feel that the way i've been acting towards her when i do see her, was dick-like and she doesn't deserve it, and although i'm still interested, i do want to come across as indifferent.

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