Is it acceptable to end things over text in this situation?

I've been dating a guy for the past few months, but we never made it official. Recently, I decided to end it because I don't like they way I've seen him treat some people, and my gut is just telling me that something's not right.
I was going to call him today to break it off, but I haven't heard from him at all for the past five days, so I think he's trying to fade out on me.
Would it be okay to break it off via text, or is that always the wrong thing to do?
  • Call him, it's the courteous way to handle it
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  • Just text him since you were never official
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  • Don't say anything, let it fade out
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  • Voted C. Don't really initiate the break-up now. No need to dig into it if he is indeed fading away, because that's exactly what you want as well.

  • Don't do anything but just in case, be read to answer and break up if by any chance he calls out of the blue.
    If he just text then you could call and break up.
    If he does neither all good.


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