He's moved on already!!! Please help me :(

my ex dumped my about 3 weeks ago. but it dragged out after that to "seeing each other", until last week he finally ended it.

i went out into town last night with my friend, and we saw him there as well. he was completely drunk and he kept saying all this stuff how he missed me etc, and then he dragged me off to give him a really long hug, then he kissed me. and it was like we didn't even break up. then later on we went for a walk and because we were both really drunk we ended up having sex..

the next day we both decided to say that he didn't happen at all. then I found out its because he didn't want his new girlfriend to know! they were together before we had sex last night!

how could he do this to me?! its like I was nothing to him at all! he says he still cares about me, and that him moving on doesn't mean he doesn't care. but it does! how could he have done it so quickly if I meant that much to him!?

i know you're going to say, you're a rebound relationship. but before he went out with me he had girlfriend who treated him like sh*t, and straight after her he was with me. so I don't even know if I was a rebound or someone else he generally began to like.

ahhh! I don't know how to register his new girlfriend as a rebound, or that he just didn't have feelings for me in the first place and it was easy for him to move onto the next girl.

help me please. this is tearing me apart :(
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and on top of that, my "best friends" knew about this. posted Whore status on their profiles. and liked his relationship status's on fb!

He's moved on already!!! Please help me :(
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