Should I wait for her to call me after a break up even if I initiated it?

How do I go about the process of getting her back?


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  • You broke up with her and you want her to call you? My god would you grow a pair and call her if you are sorry or get the hell over yourself.

    • It was mutual i a way.. She wanted space and I basically told her we can try again when she gets her shit together..

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    • She is better off without you. What a low excuse.

    • thanks, I have just witnessed a feminist in action

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  • Well i seen what u said and i agree with you on what you told her cuz the kids need to always come first and im guessing you were thinking if her and the kis. but I don't know if u think she us ready ti have a relationship with you then go to her hime with flowers and talk to her

    • also why did you tell her to call when she gets her shit together? mostly if she just wanted space. i wouldn't even call you if u said that to me

    • I didn't leterally tell her to get her shit to gether, I just said it would be good for her to focus on hers and her children's future, and let me know if she would like to try it again..

  • If u want her apologize. If u love her accept her. Flaws and all. Think about it. No one really has their so called "shit together" it's a process to grow and life is a learning experience

    • She could have wanted it to be over, I'm not sure, she never said for sure that it's ove, just that she needs space..

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    • I'm okay now but how do I go about repairing this situation? after reviewing my whole Conversation with her I did end it with her..

    • I say forget it. She seems to bring out the worst in u. Move on for now. Again u r like my buddy Jon and his on/off all the time girl Jen.

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