Were you ever terrified to start dating again after divorce... And then the relationship went well?

I'm struggling with whether or not to even start something with this guy. Even the slightest unknowns are scaring me. It takes time to know someone. I'm so afraid. He seems to care very much for me and is respectful that I need time to ease into this.
Any wisdom?


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  • I never had divorce but I've seen women who had successful relationship after divorce. You should give it a try. At least it's better than staying alone. Good luck :)

    • Thank you, I don't mind bein alone though that's the problem I think. It's like I'm perfectly happy single and this is adding so much stress

    • Well think about what if that relationship would be successful. You'll enjoy your fulfilled life. But it's nice to hear that you're happy.

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  • Some people are.


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  • Do you know why you get so scared? If you do, have you opened up to him? If your divorce was hell, it is perfectly understandable you're scared of being hurt again... why not share it with him?

    • To open up and trust again is hard, some of us after years of marriage don't know how to be.

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    • Yeah I am thinking so, we have been moving slowly and I just saw him and already feel a bit better about it

    • That's great! I'd say keep moving at that pace and see how you feel. Best way to go.

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