Did you ever break up because of a stupid reason and someone refused to talk it out in person? What did you do to help yourself move on?

My bf of 4 months and I broke up over miscommunication via texting and now refuses to speak to me. He basically broke up through text. I'm really sad because everything else about us is good.. just sometimes he gets jealous about silly things and it turned into a big fight through texting yesterday. I tried calling him but he won't answer. He won't even hear me out.. whatever I say he just shoots down.. he's mad because a guy I have to work with gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek in front of my boyfriend.. but this guy does this with everyone. I won't even be working with this guy past Friday anymore.. that will be my last day working with him and I'll never see him again... and he kissed and hugged other people too not just me.. I told my bf that's how he is and it means nothing but he doesn't care and doesn't want to talk to me. I'm just sad and don't really know how to feel right now. It just sucks that things ended because of this cus I really liked him. I tried telling him over and over that it means nothing I don't even like him and he doesn't like me.. this is just how he is.. he's a very bubbly personality and hugs and kisses everyone. But then he got even angrier asking me why I'm being so defensive.. I tried explaining that I wasn't defensive I was just explaining this guy's behavior and that he meant no disrespect. This just made him even angrier. Anyway the reason doesn't matter.. but it was just stupid.. everything else seemed good about us.. the attraction and chemistry, the way we both think when it comes to dating.. it seemed like we agreed about most things..

Has anyone ever gone through a break up like this, where it ended over something silly or miscommunication? How did you handle it and what do you do to help yourself move on?


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  • Your boyfriend sounds very immature to break up with you over this. I would take it as a blessing now if hr isn't willing to work out silly issues just imagine how he would handle tough issues. He's also showing strong sings of manipulation and possessiveness. I'd say as hard as it seems right now, do yourself a favor and move along.

    • thanks I guess I'm just really sad right now so it's hard to see this as a blessing.. but I'm trying really hard to not text him or call him. I deleted his number but unfortunately I remember it by heart.. I guess because I'm in this situation I don't see the manipulation or possessiveness but I guess in time I'll see what you see...

    • Just my opinion, take it from someone who stayed way to long in a destructive relationship. I wish someone had been there to tell me the signs so I wouldn't have wasted so much time. Good luck. Gets easier with each day.

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