Father died. Am I allowed to contact my ex if she's dating another guy?

My girlfriend and I dated for a bit over 2 years. About 2 months ago she told me that she didn't love me anymore and ended it. It was a shock for me and it has been very hard, but I've been getting through it. She is the only girl I've had any serious feelings for and the only person I've ever felt comfortable enough around to show my emotions. My father died yesterday and all I want to do is be with her and hold her and kiss her.

She started dating a guy about 2 weeks ago. But I don't think they're very serious. I just know that they've been on 2 or 3 dates. Since we broke up I haven't contacted her because she said it would be better if I didn't. This is my first breakup, so I don't really know the rules are. Since my dad died, I've felt even worse. I know if I could just see her and hold her in my arms it would make me feel a millions times better. But she said not to contact her... Am I allowed to contact her now? Should I?
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  • She's already moved on. No offense but I don't think she'd want to be bothered with this kind of thing

    • You're probably right. Thanks.

Most Helpful Guy

  • This is a tough one dude. There is no easy answer to this question. And all the questions in your head right now only you can true lay answer them , like did she and you dad even get along. Are you prepaired to handle it if she doesn't care that he has passed. If it were me standing in her shoes I would call or text / message her just to convey what has happened , but under no circumstances would I try to persue the notion of getting together. Who knows maybe she will offer to hook up for a talk or something , and that would be cool. But it wouldn't instigate it , it makes you look weak and most women find that a sign of weakness.


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  • You're confiding in someone that is no longer a big part of your life and will not be a big part of your life anymore. There has got to be someone better to talk to talk about this with.

    • Not really haha

    • It's a bad idea. I'm gonna give it to you straight. If she told you already not to contact her and she's with someone else I doubt she'll even care or care enough to want to see you. In the slightest chance that she actually does it'll be out of complete pity and she'll see it as pathetic that you don't have anyone better to talk to about it.

    • Thanks for being honest.

  • I would say, only contact her if you are okay with her not reacting at all the way you expect.
    Otherwise, keep it to yourself, get over it and move on.


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