Broke up with my ex, tried to date someone else, didn't work out, what to do?

i went on break or requested 3 breaks from my ex bf.
i honestly wanted to break up because i saw qualities in him that were weak and not what i wanted to deal with in a partner

i wanted him to have no contact but he ended up calling me and texting me all the time , almost forcing me to be in contact

i was trying to date another guy but it didn't work out because my ex bf contacted him and my parents dissapproved.

i broke up with him. and now want to be single. my first ex i mentioned here, said he still loves me and wants to be with me. my feelings aren't the same for him; i was the one initiating a break and break up at least 3 times and want to end. is he just toying with me?

meanwhile the recent guy, he said he won't be dating for awhile and he got annoyed i didn't have a car. i would like to focus on getting a car to be independent. and not be judged. he's a jerk.

i have suggested couples counselling for me and the first ex, and now he's willing but i find he has anger issues. he's angry i ever went out with the second guy, yet admits he loves me and would offer to pay for aplace for me to stay. what should i do? keep him and see how this goes or just be on my own? he's hurting and i didn't want to hurt him; i had told him to not talk to me and i don't care if he dates someone else. he has money issues and emotional issues. the other recent guy has money but was a selfish old jerk.


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  • If you don't have feelings for the guy no amount of "counseling" will change that. You two aren't married. Cut him off. Don't do what's expected of you by him or your parents or anyone.

    Honestly, your "relationship" with the second guy was bound to be a failure. Things clearly weren't over with you and your ex and you let it be that way. There are plenty of ways to cut contact with him, but you let him repeatedly be involved in your life and even in your relationship with the second guy.

    "he's hurting and i didn't want to hurt him"

    At this point, it sounds like you are only considering being again with him out of pity and because you feel bad that he's hurting and that it's somehow all your fault. Guess what? Break ups hurt. End of story. If you get back with this guy, you will quickly realize that it's STILL not what you want. You'll probably regret it, and most importantly you still won't be happy. Spare him and yourself the extra stress and heartbreak. Listen to the girl that said you need to be single and independent for a while.

    • i want to be single but shit heads dont leave me alone. that chic is a bitch, u mean the one that just answered?

    • Shit heads don't leave you alone, so that means you can't stay single? That makes no sense at all. You don't have to fucking date a shit head because he doesn't leave you alone. That "chic" knows what she's talking about, and looking at your responses, you sound like the dumb bitch here.

      You have a lot of issues.

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  • You have to admit that you have issues too. You want to be independant but are willing to let a guy pay for a place to live? Oh and he has money issues so how is that even a possibility?

    You say you have no feelings for guy #1 but then ask if you should be with him?

    And finally you say he kept contacting you. It's real easy to stop that if you unfriend them and/or block the number. Unless he's showing up at your door you can stop the contact. If he is showing up at the door you call the cops.

    Honey you seem very confused, you need to be single and independant.

    • ok Dont' need to call me 'honey' since you're a stranger i dont know.

      obviously i been trying but i dont live in a quiet place and there is constant fighting and arguing.

      i would guess you would be in the same shitty state i am in. thanks for your 'answer'

    • I moved out on my own when I was 18 right after I graduated HS. I worked 2 shitty kitchen jobs and bought a car. I put myself through school while working these shitty jobs.

      No excuse for you not to be independant. I won't feel sorry for your living arrangement either. You don't like it grow up and leave. I'd take arguing over my dads beatings any day.

      You are the common denominator all these people have in their lives, meaning its your choice to have them there.

    • i am NOT willing to let a guy pay. thanks for your simpleness

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  • Read a book and learn something. People can be fickle, but knowledge is always useful.

  • Give me a try...(:


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