Ex gf is confused. want her back, help?

So after 3 weeks of no contact my ex gf contacts me. She wants to meet me for drinks this weekend and to talk. Over the phone she said she missed me so much but she's already dating someone? She still said she loves me but she's confused on what she wants relationship wise.

I'm just so clueless about what she wants. She thinks I've moved on cause I'm not fighting for our relationship. she knows I still love her and want her back but I don't show it cause I don't want to push her away. Can I get advice on how to get her back?


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  • You're clueless to what she wants. And the truth is, she probably is too.

    Meet up, grab a drink, hear her out but don't try to make anything happen if she doesn't commit to anything. Tell her how you feel, listen to how she feels, but maybe it's best you don't talk for a while after while you both figure it all out


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  • Do whatever you feel is best for the two of you, the other guy is just a rebound if you've only been broken up for 3 weeks so I mean it isn't like his feelings don't matter but his life won't be ruined if she leaves him.

  • If you want her back tell. But your gunna have to address the issues related to why you broke up in the first place... they won't just magically disappear, they'll come back sooner or later.


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