Ex gf confused on what she wants?

Ex gf is confused on what she wants relationship wise. We're on good terms right now and I don't know what to respond and I don't want to blow it. I do want her back..


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  • Let her know your not waiting for her to make up her mind, she should know what she wants. I made the mistake of begging for her not to leave, but now I will always walk away, if they are confused on what they want. Even if I have done nothing wrong I will always walk away now.

    She shouldn't have to be confused if she wants to be with you. My current ex was cause she missed her ex and she went back to him. So I learned my lesson and its hard to go through.

  • Keep communicating with her. I remember one of my exs where confused and we end up going out again because I still talked to her.


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