As soon as I tell him I'm not talking to him anymore, he starts talking to me?

When my ex and I first broke up we decided to be friends... After a few weird hangouts one in which ended in a huge fight we decided that being friends wasn't the best idea... We blocked each other on Facebook and didn't speak for four months... A month ago he unblocked me and I was really missing him so I messaged him apologizing for how things ended this summer and asked him if we could maybe try to start talking again... He agreed that he missed me as a person as well so we started to talk again... It started out great we were talking every day or every couple days... Then he started to flirt with me through text. Now at this point he was working a relationship out with someone else... So I told him that we should cool it on the sexting because I didn't find it fair to the other girl. They recently broke up but he stopped texting and responding to me... One night I was quite upset with the head games that were being played so I texted him and told him that if he didn't want to be friends then that was cool but he could just tell me. I told him that I would no longer try to text him and he won't hear from me. As soon as I sent that message he text me back immediately. Now he will talk to me but I have to text him first and he is super short with me like just sending "ok" or "lol". Why wouldn't he just stop talking to me when he had the chance? Or does he really want to be my friend?


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  • Sounds like the classic tactic players use to keep you around as back up sex when their current conquest isn't working out. Why did you guys break up? I may be able to help you better if you are willing to share. PM if you want.

  • Block immediately he just wants to use you as his right hand and just string you along. I wouldn't pay him any mind at all. He's just going to use you that's all. He just wants to keep you around for as long as he can, don't fall for it. Cut him off completely and never speak to him again.


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