Wanting to be back with my ex? how do I go about this?

I want to get me ex boyfriend back. We just broke up.
What do I do? I still really want to be with him and we still really care about each other. It's very hard right now. We're trying to be just friends atm

Deep down I know it isn't supposed to end like this.


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  • What happened?

    • He just didn't want anything serious so he wants to be friends. He doesn't want any strings attached.

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  • How long were you together, why did you break up, did you have sex with him, and was he acting distant before the break up?

    • 🔼We've been talking off and on since October. And he asked me to be his gf in December.

      🔼No sex. we both wanted to wait. And I wanted to show him I had respect for myself.

      🔼 yeah he was distant. I knew something was wrong before we broke up.

      I just think everything could be fixed if we work on things together.

    • Either there is someone else, and/or this relationship is not what he thought it would be. He wasn't happy. But that doesn't mean it was your fault, which does mean, there is nothing you can do.

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  • he didn't want any strings?

    That tells me you are still fooling around with him?

  • "Deep down I know it isn't supposed to end like this."


    Shit's going to get cyclic.


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