Found out the "love if my life'" had tried to do stuff with my little sister without her permission. how do I move on and heal from this?

Been w/ my now "ex" for two years. Cheated on me 4 different times about the a year into dating or that's when I found out. Forgave him of course. DUMB YES.. Later, found texts of him trying to hook up with more women. Forgave him, again. This last 3 months he started acting really weird towards my family, stopped suddenly wanting to go to my moms house (where my siblings live) which now that I think about it was weird because we always went there but I didn't think anything of it. My 16 year old sister started going through a depression, nobody knew why. Get a text from my mother 2/4/15 to come talk but by myself. (Which was weird again cus my bf went everywhere with me). So I get to her house with her and my youngest sister there (16 year old). Sat me down and Started to tell me how a few times when she (my sister) was over and I feel asleep he on one occasion asked to grab her butt.. On another occasion to make out.. Then woke up to him trying to stick his hand down her pants!!! I let this man move into my house, I let this man into my fucking heart over n over again. I bought him anything he ever wanted or needed, I would have done ANYTHING for this man. How could someone be this selfish and disgusting? I blame myself that it happened because I brought him into her life!! Where did I go wrong to deserve this? What did she do? None of this makes sense. This completley tore my heart apart. Will I ever be able to heal from this? Will I ever find strength to move and trust somebody else? Will I ever be the same


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  • Ahhh my whole heart is breaking for you right now.
    I am SO sorry that his happened to you and your family ! :/
    If you want honestly babes, I don't think you will fully ever get over it.

    Your sister won't blame you, or hold anything against you.
    What happened WAS NOT your fault in any way, shape or form.

    You will heal from it, it will take a LOT of time to get your trust back up again.
    Ahhh I'm sorry sweet!


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  • "Will I ever be the same?"



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  • A guy cheats on you, expects you to provide for him (moves in your house, you buy shit for him) and you somehow believe he loves you?
    The fuck? =/

    If a guy is ready to use a girl he doesn't give a shit about really, deceives her, or course he's a scumbag. I don't see it as a surprise that he tried to fuck your sister. I'm surprised he didn't ask your mother to join.

    Go and find the book called: "Bitch are you retarded?"
    Good luck. =)


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