How to get over it?

my boyfriend recently broke up with me and during the relationship i was dependent on him in many ways... now im finding it hard to overcome this! i was wondering what you think is the best way to overcome a break up/ex?


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  • You were this cozy couple with no one else in the picture that you both needed to make your circle complete. And now that this Circle has come apart, you are left by yourself, feeling alone, wondering how you are going to make it Without-----Your other half.
    It's all new to you here, dear. You were so involved in this romance you never had a chance to probably be your own woman, be your own boss and make your own decisions or even realize there was something out there besides just Him and You... you have missed a lot being enveloped with one another and now, it is almost like you are coming out of this coma that you have been for so long, it's scary for you and like a storm that has passed through, looking around you after the aftermath, you are asking yourself: Where do I begin cleaning up?
    Do some soul searching and begin licking your war wounds. You Need to do this First before you can even begin the baby steps of piecing your life back together again. With your heart that needs mending, it then makes it much easier to go on, to find Yourself after the turbulence has passed. You feel better, more freer to breathe to go out there, feeling more confident in taking one step at a time.
    Focus on yourself... you are the only one who counts now and after everything is said and done... you are stronger than you even know.
    Good luck and blessings for 2015. xx


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  • Woohoo Road-trip!!!

    When my wife and I split-up, I did a week long road trip out to the east coast to do some kayaking, fishing and R & R at a friends cottage on the ocean. It was one of the best trips ever... very liberating!

    My ex and I live in the same City, so it was good just to get away from that whole scene, altogether.

    I used that time to reflect, but more so used that time to determine who I was again and obtain some self direction. For years it had been "us" and my identity was a little skewed as a result of it... you know the whole give up certain things to accommodate. The trip helped me realize what "I" wanted in life anymore and gave me focus.

    Don't sit around and boohoo over them... you have been given another chance to concentrate on you for a change rather than someone else... take advantage of this situation!


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