Please helppppp?

ASHLEY= is just a girl that's attracted to me way to fast.
BRANDI= Is my ex that I'm still in love with.

ASH: I love everything about u so far. Thankyou for telling me the truth. I am seizing you if you give us both a shot..

Ash: This is new and refreshing and scary but I
really want to get to know you and see what it is between us possibly.. I'm humble.. And honest. Strong and sensitive. We can figure this out.. Day for day.

Ash: I love how your so respectful loving caring nurturing sexy subtle.. Domineering passionate charismatic..

Ash: Ok and I'm willing wait it out to do that boo. I won't let you down!

So I blocked Brandi from everything and posted this just basically to say how fast she (Ashley) was moving and I'm not really ready for that. Not to make Brandi made or else I would have not blocked her. We are not together she is my ex but... one of brandi friends said someone sent it to Brandi. All she tells me is that she wants me to move on.. but I still feel guilty because I love her. And if her friend told me that then they talked about it together obviously. Brandi friend said If you wanted a 1/2 chance of getting back I shouldn't have posted them. And I'm like first off I blocked her. Second why is someone screenshoting ****? Thirdly I don't feel I have a chance because she tells me to move on after I tried everything. any thoughts on how she might feel... or thinking.. HER friend went and commented on the text pic... said something that didn't make since... That's why I texted her and ask what she was talking about. I texted her and said sorry but she ignored me... when she did text she said leave her alone and that she didn't believe anything I say. I think this is out of anger. How do you think she felt about the text from Ashley? Did I push her completely away?
For vday I got a teddy bear sent to her daughter and flowers sent to Brandi but I made it seem like her daughter got them. Is this a bad idea? She was really mad the other day. Told me that she didn't believe anything I say and to leave her alone. I think this is from anger and hurt she has. But if y'all reason my previous post then you will understand what I mean far as we been going back and forth. I want her so much I just know now isn't a good time. These text didn'take anything better.
To Top it off her ex sent the pics of the text to her. After he sent me all the text between him and her. Crazy right. And she acts so confused with me but I got way more closure reading them text than she ever gave me. I don't know if she is just so furious and need time. But yes the messages were dumb and I should not have posted them. Just was extremely mad.


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  • Seeing those posts probably mad her sad because she didn't really think you would on that fast. Ashley posts made it seem as if something is going on between you two. Block all Brandi friends too because they're just going to keep screenshoting. Let her know the gift is from you after Valentine's Day


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  • Wondering how long it will take to fix ur issue

    • Huh... what do you mean

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    • I expect she wil say that based on the message you create the one was.. I'm gonna disapear from etc

      Anyway hope you will do good with your new gf


    • Yea she didn't go through with the no contact... She hit me up.

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