Can't cope after a breakup? Please help?

I broke up with my bf almost 2 weeks back... we dated for a while now.. been really close.. but suddenly grew apart...

Iv told him how I feel about him but he doesn't give importantce to my feelings anymore... and he said somthings that really put me off ... i told him his thing for liking blondes really makes me feel sad but then he just came off saying I like blondes always have and that he likes other things besides me...

But now and days I'm feeling awful without him... he was there through out my whole troubles in life... and now he is not with me... i feel lonely and unwanted most of the time... i want him back but then again its no use he doesn't care how I feel about him...

Iv gained a lot of weight and can't stop stuffing my face... how can I cope? I havnt even laughed once since I left him. .
And worst of I feel more insecure than ever after this breakup


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  • You need to realize that everything is okay. This had to happen for both of you to move on in your lives. Soon you will find another guy who will treat you as if you were his whole world. So things will get better. But for now just stick close to your friends and try and have a little fun. Over time things will get easier, I promiss

    • I smdont really have any friends as I am a true loner... but I try to keep up with my prodjects but it seems to be failing on me

    • Well when I'm feeling down, I drink a tall glass of chocolate milk. Always helps

    • Really... il try that.. thanks alott

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  • It's time to think about You now, The-Girl-In-Pink487, and do some soul searching about the loser who lost out When-----He just came off saying I like blondes always have and tha the likes other things besides me...
    Keep in mind, Bear even more in store in mind, that in the back of your own Mind, he is feeling like this and he is a rat for treating you like a door mat. You need to toughen up, show yourself Tough love, especially your poor heart that you wore on your sleeve and he didn't give a rat's behind that he tore it up and stomped all over it.
    Focus on you, take each day in baby's steps now. Little by little, get together with some friends and put this little doggie out of your mind, out of your life. You are better off without him, he barked up the wrong tree, and from now on, you remember how he has made you feel, what level he has brought you down to and from here on in, No man will ever get the chance to do it to you again, no matter what romance.
    Good luck and blessings for the new year, dear. xxoo

    • Aw thank you... but you said one thing that (I Hope) that I won't this won't happen again...

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    • You too and thank you, The-Girl-In-Pink487.:)) xxoo

    • :)) xoxo

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  • It really sounds to me like you have self esteem issues, had a hard time believing the he really wanted you, and he got tired of trying convince you. You need to take some time alone, single, and figure out what's missing from your life, find what make you happy, so that you can start learning to truly love yourself. Then it won't be so hard to believe others can love you too, and in turn it won't be so exhausting for them to love you.

    • as much as I expressed my feeling for him he didn't care. . he still said he had things for blondes and liked other things besides me...

    • Then he was a jerk and was only using you. If he's that insensitive, you were right to leave him, and you know already that he doesn't deserve you. But if you want someone like this back, you either like the way he treated you, or review my original answer and omit the parts about him. Don't settle for just anyone so that you can be happy. You don't need other people to help make you happy, Being happy is a choice, it's a state of mind. You know what makes you feel good and you either choose to do it, or you choose to make others happy instead. But please don't waste your time on this guy anymore, because he clearly doesn't make you happy.

    • I like that you said being happy is a choice and state of mind and I would know what would make me feel good. thank you so much this has helped a lot...

  • Sorry about the break up. You need to go out more and do things to occupy your mind so you won't think about him. For me I exercised, it seemed to take my mind off him and I always felt better when I was done. I did this program called supreme 90 day fitness and I would go to the park and walk around and talk with other people while watch all the little kids play. It took my mind off him fast.


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