How to forget an ex and move on?

I need help with forgetting my ex. He hurt me so much yet I still have feelings for him.. I'm going through depression because of this and I need help on how to move on. Every night I just cry and I can't do anything.. Eat sleep etc I feel so empty. Any advice on how to move on?


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  • this guy (your ex) isn't meant for you. There is someone who will treat you better and who won't recklessly stamp on your heart. You just haven't found him yet but when you do you'll wonder why you even thought about him at all!

    • Thankyou so much :) but it's really hard because I was with him for 2.5 years. It's so hard to forget everything.. Is there any advice on how to try and move on?

    • I delete all my social media and anything else that reminds me of him. It normally takes a few months then you kinda wake up from the fog.
      I now look back at my exes very rarely but mostly with indifference and in some ways I'm a lot happier now that they are gone.
      You will think the same eventually but it takes time.
      Invest time in you to heal. Redevelop relationships with friends and family and maybe take up a new hobby. You won't have the time to 'miss him'
      you will eventually look back thinking why did I even care.

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  • guuuurl. I am in the same situation right now. I used to cry all the time and be thinking what he's doing, but now I have realised I have to do me, and care about myself? cause if he really loved you, he would not of let you go, or would make sure he does not lose you. chin up, it will get easier as the days go on! try going to the gym, or doing something you have never done before to take your mind off things.

    C x

  • Only time is your answer when you are trying to move on from an ex and forget him. But you have to understand that he is your "ex" for a reason. And whatever that reason may be he doesn't deserve you and you don't deserve him. If he truly loved you and cared for you and/or ever saw a future with you he would've never let you go, right? Right. Its his loss so don't blame the break up on yourself. That person failed to see what good of a person you are and how much you have to offer. You don't want to date someone that just walks all over you and doesn't even show you that they love you. You deserve someone that will at least treat you right and put effort into the relationship like you do. Not someone that uses you and takes you for granted, no one deserves that. I never cried myself to sleep thinking of my ex never. I acted like he didn't exist since he and I went to the same school. Everything he gave me for Valentine's Day and a bear he gave me I ripped up everything. The bear he gave me I burned it. For me it helped ease the pain and get him out of my head. You just haven't found the one that truly deserves you yet, but you will in the future sometime. I blocked him off of every social network and deleted his number as well and it helped me a lot and it also helped me move on. For me it took 5-8 months to get over my ex but for some it takes longer. It just takes time but once day you'll look back and realize why did I ever go out with him. You'll eventually look back and not even remember his name nor care about him. I've healed from mine, lost feelings for mine, and moved on and I talked to other people and it helped me a lot.


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