Will this ever get better?

At the beginning of this school year I was talking to this girl that I have had a crush on for a long time. Things were going great between us. She was the first girl I have ever "talked" to, and she was my first kiss. One day for whatever reason she ended things with me. It has been probably 3 months now, and I am still not over her. Everytime I see her I just miss her more. But my real problem is that I am not attracted to any other girls. Will I ever be able to see other girls as being attractive again?


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  • Time heals everything. You just need closure with this other girl before you can move on in a healthy way ☺

    • What does closure mean?

    • You need to figure out what that relationship was all about, why she left you, how she felt about the relationship, and once you understand what went wrong it's still going to hurt and be difficult but you'll meet someone else and when you do, you'll be healed enough from the last relationship to give yourself to someone else.

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