When him/her breaks up do you delete all social network picture and memories including post you two shared?

Clean break ups usually result in everything that ties them together being broken. what does this mean? Or is it no reason.
  • does it mean they still see something there?
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  • does it mean they still want it possibly?
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  • does it mean they just haven't gotton around it yet?
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Also I'm talking about the status as well... taken... single... complicated. My ex page say taken with our anniversary date


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  • I used to be really clingy, needy, and a doormat. I used to hang onto that stuff in hopes of getting them back.

    I haven't been dumped in a very long time, so I can't tell you for certain what I would do now, but I'm strong and mature enough to understand the need for a clean break. I did the leaving the last two times. I removed any photos that showed us as a couple, but I left the ones that showed us in a platonic light. I removed any traces of us as a couple immediately, and went no contact for a long while, at least a month before trying to talk. Even then, I only tried to talk to them to get final clarification on what went wrong, not necessarily for closure, but more so that I could learn from it and try to avoid such situations in the future. I managed to get them both back as friends, and everything was fine with both, until one got a new GF, and then he cut contact. It's fine, he did what he had to for his own happiness. I'm about to reach the 1 year mark with my own man.

    • Congratulations!!! Yea I just don't know... that's what sucks the most

    • PM me and tell me your story, I can help give better advice if I know more.

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  • It means none of the above. I still have my ex's pictures on Facebook. They represent a part of my life. Why should I delete it? It doesn't mean I still see something there...

    • Nah I would delete them being... you have to move on.. how can you do it with constant reminders

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    • o ok. I understand. I just think after a break up it can be kinda hard. Especially if you think she the one for you

    • Yeah. If someone is all torn up over a break up and needs to get over someone who broke their heart, cutting ties and deleting pictures can be necessary to stop being constantly reminded like you said.

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  • I was really clingy to my ex and made my life revolve around him way to much which is kind of what caused our break up. What I do to ease the pain is I throw away and rip up anything they gave me. We had taken a picture together and I ripped it up. He gave me a Valentine's Day Card and wrote something as well and I ripped it up. He gave me a bear and I decided to burn it after he broke up with me. I learned that it helps get rid of the pain and ease the pain a bit. And I blocked him off of all social networks. It helped me a lot though a lot and it helped me moved on to. I realized that if I kept those things he gave to me, I would still be stuck but I'm not anymore. But I mean you have to learn how to move on somehow you can't stuck in a box forever. I got rid of everything he gave me and it made me feel good after that.

    • So the fact that she hasn't done any of that means she hasn't moved on? She was clingy to me as well. I broke up with her and I feel as if she broke up with me. Like I did everything to try and work it out and she wanted to but then got confused. Since I have messed up bad. Like I tried no contact and then she broke it and texted me. Got Me emotional again. So like recently I got drunk and seen her car at someone else house.

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    • I don't know honestly... I think I went to hard in trying to get her back. Hope and pray I didn't push her away. She definitely changed her number which is fine because it helps me to in ways that I thought it wouldn't. I just wonder what happened? Went from trying to work this out to I need space to I should move on. Only get stuff like " if it's meant to be it will be" . Just confusing

    • Just let her be and don't bother her at all. I think its good she changed her number so you won't be tempted to text her or anything like that. Just give yourself time and try to move on the best way you can. Yes I know its hard it was hard for me, but I moved on and I learned. I pushed my ex away from me being clingy and whatnot. Oh well, it is what it is I can't change it or anything like that. I have to except what is and what isn't.

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  • dont over think it lol

  • i chuck everything they gave me in the trash or give it back, then i take all the pictures and save them to a flash drive and put it in a box, i only have two flash drives thankfully.

    • I recently took mine down but she has all of ours up.. confusing because I have to try and move on.

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