We talked for ten months, up and down, turns out it was all fake?

Why do guys do this? He knew I liked him, it's like I was just some number in his mind. He posts a picture of himself and another girl during the Super Bowl and it is in her bedroom. They had to have been talking while I was talking to him. He told me he always liked me. I don't understand. I guess our ages are young and he doesn't know what he wants. He decides to message me and I told him off. Turns out all he ever wanted to be was friends. WHY DO GUYS DO THIS? How do i get over this? please help, ladies and guys.


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  • 1. Get over it.
    2. Do what makes you happy.
    3. Don't assume guys want a relationship unless he says it.
    4. Do what makes you happy.


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  • you can't trust them. You can't love them. Also... if you want a relationship, make that clear to the guy by not sleeping with him until you have created a bond after the bond ask him what he's looking for and if he wants a relationship go for it. But 9 times out of 10 she will go on about his life like you meant nothing to him. Just a pretty shiny toy that he picked up on the aisle , used and got bored with quickly. That's just advice for the future. Trust me worse things will happen when it comes to dating men. I mean I know there's some fucked up women out there but trust me it gets worse and worse. If you find a decent man with a car or job who doesn't treat you like shit and is not insecure then I suggest you take him before someone else does. and trust me most men cheat if they can get the chance. That golf trip might be an excuse to cheat. If it feels like you instinct is telling you he's cheating then he is. There's a shortage of guys like that nowadays. Waiting for the hateful comments back to me lol but you should know this because you seemed a little naive and I'm really not trying to be an asshole. But most of the population of men are very heartless and I hate seeing so many women hurt. I hate seeing people get hurt. Male or female.


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  • Some guys are just completely messed up arseholes and you can only find clarity by realizing that you are definitely better off without people like that in your life.


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