Are you liking your ex's posts?

My ex dumped me 6 months ago due to lost feelings.

She got very cold after that. If we would text it would only be very short and never used smileys. She also stopped liking anything I posted. She said "it would give me the wrong idea"...

Now 6 months later, when I am finally able to mlve on, she is starting to like my Instagram posts almost every time I post. (I no longer follow her and we are no longer FB friends)

Have any of you done this, and why? Are you just doing it to get attention or?


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  • She realized that you no longer desire her and now she's desperate for your attention because she wants to be able to know that she's still wanted.

    Don't subjugate yourself to that bullshit. Dump her in the dirt like how she did to you.


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  • She's desperate. Just tell her to move on


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