Your first love. (I dreamed of mine last night.) Do you still think about them? Dream about them?

It's been 7 years. 7 long fucking years since I last saw or spoke to her. And I still dreamt about her last night. I want to burst into tears. It's pathetic. It was so real. Like I really felt her touch. Heard her voice. I didn't know i was dreaming for a minute when i woke up. I feel like my heart is being crushed. I can't believe it. It's more like a myth than a fucking memory of her at this point. Unbelievable. If there's any way I knkw how to describe love, it's that. I loved her more than anyone. I never thought I would still feel this strongly towards her 7 years down the road. Jen Jen. I want to hate her, call her a bitch, but she's the one person... I could never imagine hating her. At this point, she has a 7 year old little boy and a cop husband, if they stayed together.

And it's not like I haven't moved on. I have a gf right now, though it's sad to say she's nothing when contrasted with... her. None of them have been.

In a few moments, I'll be so high that I'll never remember her again.

So. Anyone else experience something like this, that far down the road?


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  • Yes I do... but not in dreams anymore... it's difficult to forget it and I have moved on too in terms of me not wanting to be with them again if given the chance. However that doesn't mean that certain things or places don't remind me of him anymore and that can be a hurtful experience.


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  • Not breakups, just one crush that was also a friend.


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  • Never. I deal with my breakups and I don't try to move on until they are dealt with. I don't think about any one of my ex's, certainly not my first bf.

    • I didn't say your first bf/gf. I said your first love. Have you been in love?

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    • Excuse me? Wow you just like taking people down don't you. You aren't any better at loving someone just because you're judging everyone else. No one has any right to judge anyone about how they loved someone.

    • What are you talking about? O. o

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