Why can't some people be friends with exes? But can be friends with others?

I had an ex whom I dated for 3 years. I was her first love and first lover. We broke up over a year ago. She broke up with me, we haven't talked too much since then. She got a rebound and I didn't mind. She's also friends with most of her exes, but in the few times we talked it started off cool, but always ended with her pulling a 180 and saying she hates me or saying to never talk to me again. I don't understand it.

I don't find it difficult to be friends with an ex, and it seems the only time she wants to say hello is when her relationships never pan out. Which I don't mind, I just don't understand why she acts like that.


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  • Some people just aren't okay with idea of being friends with there ex. I also think being friends with an ex is really difficult if you two were never friends to begin with. Or maybe the relationship didn't end on good terms and you two just aren't okay with being friends. I tried being friends with my ex after he broke up with me and it wasn't a good idea. It doesn't really solve anything in my opinion and it leaves you wondering what caused the break up in the first please. I tried it but then I was like this just isn't going to work so I continued to cut off all contact with him and never speak to him again. I just don't really see the point of being friends with an ex. Like what does it solve? Maybe it just didn't end on good terms but you can't force your ex to be friends with you if they don't want too.


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  • maybe it just didn't up well for you two you can't force anyone to like you


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