He said he wanted to break up to "find himself". Then found himself in the back of another girl's throat?

My now ex broke up with me with the cliche " i need to find myself, i want better for us, when you get back after us being long distance lets get back together". Two weeks later he begged me to take him back. I'm in another country for a few months and he told me that he made out with a "random" girl. He told me I shouldn't be upset because we didn't officially get back together. How doesn't he realize that he is the one who broke us up and was calling me all the pet names in the world and behaving as though he wanted me back. Now he's blocked me and I am just so appalled. He has disrespected the boundaries we agreed on amd now he is upset with me. I dont want to waste anymore time on this loser, what should i do while abroad to pass time?


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