We broke up, but he wants me to keep the ring?

My ex and I reently broke up, and a bad breakup at that. He'd given me his really really nice class ring, and I wore it while we were together. We're not together anymore and he wants me to keep it, even though even broke up with me, and abruptly changed his number.


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  • Did you offer to give it back? Because my ex just fucking kept the stuff I got her without mentioning anything, of course I wouldn't want it back, but it's the guilt free score that pisses me off! lol

    • Well I'd ask him about his class ring and he said keep it. Why would he want me to keep it

    • From my perspective it's a question of wtf am I gonna do with it if she gives it back, give it to someone else? lol.

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  • Does not matter how much but for few moment you were a very special person for him and he will remember you till the day he die and a gift of appreciation that you added a lot to his life he want you to keep that ring as evidence that it was not a dream, you two had something special and he hope you always keep that ring. Does not matters HOW MUCH YOU HATE HIM. NO need to wear it if you do not want to, keep it somewhere where you keep your past stuff.

  • Are you asking if you should give it back?

    • Im going to give it back but I'm asking why he wants me to keep it.

    • It could be several things. He feels that since he gave it to you that you should keep it even if you broke up, this one is a bit harsh but maybe the ring will remind him of you and he doesn't want to remember, maybe he doesn't care About the ring.

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