Decisions, Decisions Head Games ... Ok What Now?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me about a month and a half ago. After about a month of random little talks, we had one good, open talk where I felt good about it. I wasn't anxious to get her back or anything, I just had fun and enjoyed talking to her. We kept it about how we were doing, how certain things in our lives were going, family etc.

At the end of the conversation she made it clear that she was really busy, but it would be nice to catch up every so often.

How should I play this one?

I see it two ways...

One I keep talking to her when she reaches out and "has time". Obviously it would be times when I'm available or I'd tell her I'm busy. I don't want to feel like I'm waiting around for her to give me a couple minutes. Accepting these "catch up times" would be in hopes that we can start to rebuild what we had when we met. Eventually starting over and possibly sparking a new relationship.

The second thought is I take offense to her saying she is too busy and we can catch up from time to time. This method I'd pretty much not even bother being available and if she did message me keep it short. Letting her do the work since she is so busy. This would be in hopes that she realizes she can't do that and if she wants me in her life she has to make at least little time for me.

I'm really indifferent about everything now, so I am having trouble deciding what is best. On the surface I'm over her and I can do whatever and will live. In my heart I still love her a lot and hope things will work out some day. I hate stupid games, but I feel like I have to make a decision.

Lay it on me.
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Just to make the question part of my answer clear. We dated, we are broke up. We talked at random times since the breakup up, here and there. I'm not 100% over the breakup, but on the surface I'm good. I now see two options (listed above).
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I want to pick the option that is best to leave the door open and hopefully get back together when she gets her life figured out and isn't so busy. Whether that be sooner or later.
Decisions, Decisions Head Games ... Ok What Now?
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