What's the best way to get over someone who doesn't like you back?

I'll share my story, and feel free to share yours and give your own advice.

I met a girl about a month and a half ago. We became pretty good friends. I started liking her within the first week I met her. We have a lot in common and bond a lot. I honestly I have never connected with a girl as much as I have with her. I know that no one is perfect. But does anyone again that there are some people that are perfect for another person? I know I'm a hopeless romantic, but that's how I feel about her. She's perfect for me.

Anyway, I asked her out on a casual date. Nothing serious, just to see if maybe we might have something between us. There'd be no pressure for anything to happen. It was just to see if there's any interest. She said she likes me and she likes hanging out with me, but now isn't a good time. There's been a lot of relationship drama in our friend group and she doesn't want to add to it.

I understand and respect her wishes. I'm happy we can still be great friends. But it still hurts that she doesn't feel the same way I do. Im trying to get over her so things dont get weird and awkward between us, but its really tough. I can honestly say I have never liked a girl as much as I like her. And for the first time in my life, I thought I actually had a chance. Even some of our friends thought so too and were really hoping it would happen.

Sorry I made my story so long, but I need to keep venting.

I'm looking for everyone's advice on how to get over her because I don't want to ruin our friendship. I've learned from experience that the best way to get over one girl is to find a new one. This girl actually helped get over a crush haha. But its hard to look at someone else romantically when you really like someone. For my situation specifically, I keep reminding myself that although we seem like perfect matches for each other, we obviously are looking for something different in a relationship. So maybe its a good thing she just wants to be friends.


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  • You're asking for the equivalent of "how do I stop grieving for my recently passed mother?" You're having a healthy emotional response that fits within the context of the situation you're in. You feel bad, and you're supposed to feel bad because this is a girl that you really, really wanted.

    So in that sense, you're waiting for enough time to pass to where the reality of the situation no longer invokes this emotional response, because you've accepted it. Time is the answer.

    If you can find another girl, by all means do it. Get familiar with the idea that there are people that want you in that way. If that isn't an option, then again, time will set things right.


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  • I had something similar.

    I liked this guy and he liked me back, it was all going well and like you said i thought he was 'perfect' for me.

    Butttt, about 4 and a half months of being friends/kinda together (but we never put any labels) he went quiet and then next thing i know he's got some other girl on his arm.

    I can quite honestly say I've never felt so heartbroken like that before. and after about two straight weeks of crying and feeling sorry for myself. i deleted all the photos on my phone of us together, i stopped hanging out at the spots he was i completely cut him out.

    And after hours of long conversations with my girlfriends, I went shopping with them and bought a new tight red dress and some heels and wore it to a party i knew he'd be at with his new girlfriend. Putting a long story short, after he saw me he tried to talk to me again, but by that point i lost interest, it seemed he always wanted what he couldn't have.

    My tip for you is to work on yourself! make yourself desirable and so that you feel comfortable in yourself. it will not only take your mind off her but it will also open new doors for you. Good luck! :)

  • You focus on your passions, guy friends, and school. You'll soon meet someone else who has a lot in common with you. Good luck!

    Would you look at some of my questions please? Thanks!

  • Keeping yourself busy helps. You tend to think less of that one person you want but can't have when you're running around. Just do that and get rid of anything that reminds you of her.


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