Should I make him jealous?

If you read my previous question, you could understand I think my ex may still have feelings for me but is confused with his own feelings. I still have feelings for him, but I'm slowly getting over him. Should I move on and make him jealous by showing him how i'm absolutely fine without him? I already know what I'm gonna do, I just wanna see every one else's opinion. (I would really like if some people could answer my previous question.. I'm in quite a pickle.)
  • Make him jealous by showing I don't need him.
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  • Show him how upsetting the break up was for me.
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  • Ignore him.
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  • Date another guy and make him jealous.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Pointless to make people jealous. If you're over someone and don't need them, why worry about how they feel or what they think? Just treat them as any other person that you don't know. If he ends up becoming jealous, that's on him. Don't do it intentionally.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I got into a 'serious' relationship at 14 was in it for 3 years almost and I really wanted him back. But that would have been a big mistake. Don't take him back- you've been there got the t-shirt. Go for it make him jealous

    • Thanks for the tip! I personally have mixed feelings for taking him back. I just want him to prove how much he would actually want me back. I'm making him jealous, and I can tell he's getting upset by it ;)

    • I'm not sure what your circumstances were that you broke up? But if it was his fault- personally he's not worth it. I know it's difficult, that's great he's getting upset! :) go girl

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  • Why not just move on with your life? Trying to make him jealous is extremely immature.

    • No it's not immature! He probably deserves it.

    • Do you seek revenge on everyone who hurts you? Feeling the need to take some negative action is exactly what's immature about it.

  • Except that... guys don't really get jealous


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