I miss him a lot but should I move on?

I miss him a lot, I really thought I had a shot to make it last with him but he just lost interest real quickk. We promised each other that we would continue to be close friends after the break up but he dosent talk to me. He knows I still have feelings for him and it hurts that he dosent make an effort to talk to me. I don't want to look too desperate so I don't message him anymore. But he's always on my mind.


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  • Keep your head up and try to move on somehow. If he doesn't try to start a conversation with you then oh well. My ex doesn't that doesn't make me feel desperate or anything, plus he called it off anyways. Your best bet would probably be to move on. Find a hobby that you like and stick to it, use it as a distraction. Don't rush out to him at all because it won't make you look good at all. Keep your distance from him, if he wants to talk to you he will, but don't go reaching out to him. Cut off all contact with him if you can, or at least try. I understand you miss him but you can't stay stuck in a box forever. Move on. It is the only way.


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  • Yes move on. You will find someone else.

  • keep your head up and move on.


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