Guys, what does my exes behavior mean, Updated question for guys opinions?

While with my ex, He deactivated his Facebook, although I still had mine active and would post pictures of us, and our dates and things like that. I've always felt like he was embarrassed of me. In high school I was the nerd, the shy girl, I stayed completely to myself and I suffered from acne. Over the course of knowing him he's disrespected me so so badly. Calling me pathetic, weird, awkward, crazy, etc. He would tell me he loved me in high school and confess his love to me, even text my mother to tell her to tell me that he loved me when we weren't speaking. But he was always dating someone else and always was public and exclusive with them. So we finally started dating in Novemeber of 2014. and he introduced me to is family, something he'd never do in high school. But he wouldn't make it official on Facebook. He claimed he didn't like Facebook and it wasn't personal to me. by the way he's not a a virgin but I am, 100 percent so we never did anything at all. I was on the phone with him days ago telling him how hurt I was about being cyberbullied on Facebook that day. He laughed hysterically even though I was trying to tell him how it hurt that someone was bullying me. He told me it was stupid and it was just Facebook. I told him that I hated him and didn't want to be with him anymore. I woke up the next morning and he'd changed his number. He also gave me his class ring to wear while we were together. Before he abruptly changed his number without telling me, he told me to keep it. I checked my Facebook, and saw a Facebook page of his in the "people you make now" feed. He'd friended a bunch of my mutual friends, along with ALL of his exes that he had bad mouthed and I heard years of countless stories of how much he hated them. It hurt me so deeply seeing that, immediately after the breakup. Is he trying to hurt me, tell me what you think.
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  • Why would you even waste your own time writing this whole thing about an ex?

    • Well, the website is called "girls-ASK-guys" people ask about exes all the time. If you don't have anything helpful to contribute an answer, why would YOU waste your time commenting?

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