My boyfriend messaged another girl?

I found out my boyfriend of 6 years messaged another girl to hang out. They never ended up hanging out but he still attempted too. I confronted him about finding out and he admited to it. Now I just feel so lost and can't look at him the same what should I do?


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  • Was it a friendly hangout? Business hangout?

    Gotta ask.

    • No it was a hangout where it would have turned sexual he said he attempted to cheat but than felt bad and never went through

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  • He just wanted to hsngout... calm down... seriously. Your boyfriend can have other friends... relax seriously

    • hangout*

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    • Zendrya you are not listening to what the asker is saying. She said he told her he attempted to "cheat." He said he attempted to have sex with that girl. exactly that.

      Loveme1222 sometimes second chances are ok if this is the only time he has done something like this. However he did want to cheat. His morals did kick in and you might not want to hear this but that doesn't change the fact that this is something he wanted to do. You should find it in you to respect your self and find someone who thinks of you all the time. That is what you deserve.

    • In the description she never said he was trying to cheat. All she said was he wanted to hangout with another girl. Thank you very much. @ChelyMel It isn't my fault she left that bit of information out. From her description she just sounded jealous and whiny.

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  • He's forbidden from having friends while he's in a relationship with you?

  • mmm mmm yeah yeah mmm mmm yeah yeah mmm mmm yeah yeah

  • Calm down. It could be something innocent. It could be networking.


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  • I wouldn't take that so seriously it could damage your relationship. Do you like not trust him or something. He can have girls that are friends. It was just a hang out nothing to make a big deal out of. If you feel like you need to talk to him about it, then talk.

  • Don't give him the chance to break your heart.
    He was going to cheat on you. Yes even hanging out is cheating. Why would he want to hang out with her? What was his ultimate goal? Cheat cheat cheat. I know you love him and you can't just throw away your history, but he was sure willing to throw it away when he messaged that girl. Leave him before he leaves you.

    • That is ridiculous! How is hanging out with a girl cheating? For crying out loud I feel like I a 16 year old are more mature than adults on this site sometimes...

    • You don't know how the world works little girl. Stick to your romance movies. This is the real world, where cheating is real

    • I am not a little girl and obviously I am not the only one who disagrees with you... There is nothing wrong with hanging out with a girl when you are in a relationship. In her description she never said he was trying to cheat therefore I am not really all that in the wrong. I know that cheating is real as I have been cheated on and I have experienced it in other ways that makes it extremely disrespectful for you to say that. Obviously if she had of mentioned the bit of info she is giving in the comments my answer would have been different but you can't just say because a man wants to hang out with a girl he is going to cheat... if someone is in a relationship like that there is obviously no trust which makes it a waste of time to be together. Have a great day anon.

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