Loss of appetite and insomnia after a break-up, how to fix this?

I had a break-up yesterday. To be honest, I haven't eaten since yesterday (just an smoothie, then some pepsi, and at night a yogurt. And today I only had a muffin and a glass of milk), and last night I only slept less than 3 hours. I'm scared this is going to affect me at school. Even when I know that it was the best to break-up with him, I'm still sad for the all the memories we had (and today I woke up extremely mad because he gave up so easily in the first chance he had)


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  • Blah, just keep yourself busy and let time heal. Basically your going through a bit of depression. Do things to make you feel better, look at haunted house 1,2 hevin heart, vines, or YouTube poop. Prank some friends.

  • Gotta eat better.


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