Going to my Ex Boyfriends restaurant for dinner?

So my current boyfriend wants to go to this steak place my ex works at for dinner - I am thinking why not?

The facts:
Me and my ex were on off for about 6 months - It ended badly when he went back to his then-ex now current girlfriend and broke my heart. We haven't spoken since and we are not on any of each others social media.

This is now a good few months ago - I am now with my current boyfriend and very happy and secure in my relationship - and my ex is still happy with his girlfriend. I do not want my ex back in my life in any way but also have no lingering negative feelings towards him - I would be friendly if we did bump into him at the restaurant.

My only concern is looking desperate / hung up / flaunting in any way... Or generally looking bad somehow even though I mean it very innocently... But personally don't see it being a problem just want a second opinion -
Do I go or stay away?
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  • Girl, I know your pain. Just say something like you heard rumors that the kitchen was gross or don't like that kind of food or that you got bad service there last time. If this new guy's into you he'll understand.

    Would you look at mine please? Thanks!

  • Out of all restaurants he chooses to go to one your ex works at. Wow.
    I think you should go, you can't avoid that place forever, just go eat and talk then leave.. if there's no feelings involved I see why not. I just hope you seeing him doesn't bring back any old feelings.
    Maybe he doesn't work there anymore.
    Don't do anything you mentioned in the last paragraph, it's inappropriate and not right.

    • I know he still works there and I am 100 percent the feelings are gone for him.. I am just very concerned how it will look from my exs point of view - I do not want him thinking I am hung up - but equally don't want my new boyfriend thinking so by not wanting to go :/

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