37y/o man who fell in love with a 23 y/o woman, we became the best of friends, when she realized that she's in love with me, she ran the other way?

When my female co-worker and I started our friendship, neither one of us had any intentions of hooking up, we became great friends, even best friends, and some how we started to fool around, she would go out of her way to match lingerie because I like that, we never made love, I am currently going through a divorce and she was hurt that I had someone to go home to, once she declared her love for me while crying, she decided she wanted to end our romance and stay best friends, now I'm hurting and and I miss her immensely. She's doesn't want a relationship nor does she want to love, how can we work together and remain best friends while she loses her love for me, is it even possible, I just want her back, even with her young age, she showed me what it's like to be respected and loved. What should I do?
Thank you for the replies, but it's done, if ever she comes around, I'll let u guys know.


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  • Respect what she wants and don't force the friendship on her.

    • She wants to stays "best friends" less the benefits, till she loses her feelings

    • Then you have to determine if you are comfortable with that or not, knowing that you won't have a relationship with her.

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  • your story gives me hope since i dont think ill be in a relationship for another couple years and i m 31.

    i only care to date 23 to 28 yr olds because ill eventually want a family and boy does the selection get slimmer as you go up in age...

    anyways, deal with your divroce and keep her waiting until you can be with her... did you hide you're marired the whole time?

    • To be honest, I've never kept anything from her

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    • Her parents went through a divorce when she was 14, she always pushes away when someone gets close, but this time, she got close and when she told me she loved me, she decided she didn't want to feel like that for anyone and wants space to get over it.

    • Also, how can she think we can stay friends after breaking our relationship in 2, friends without the perks to get over her feeling of being in love?
      We work 5 ft apart, all I know is I've lost my best friend.

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